Pinot Noir Enopere Trentino Doc

Pinot Nero Enopere Trentino Doc


Cantina Aldeno

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Pinot Noir, En-Works Trentino Doc

Classification: Trentino Controlled Designation of Origin

Composition: 100% Pinot Black

Production area: Povo and Villazzano, from vineyards carefully selected and controlled

System of cultivation: Guyot

Harvest: hand-Harvest

Vinification: Maceration and fermentation in stainless steel tanks, long aging in small oak barrels

Tasting notes: The bouquet is enveloping, balsamic, of a fineness of bravado and sumptuous that few other wines can boast. Lavender, ginger, pink pepper, jasmine and mint that are mixed creating a fresco vibrant and make the contour of the fruit in the delicate, ethereal, with a base of cherries, black currant, citrus, pomegranate and blueberries. There is no shortage of herbs, and the scents of olive oil and fennel, but, above all, the earthy notes, and then leaves, coffee and truffle. Summarizing it is a natural symphony of elegance.

On the palate: it is usually medium-bodied, supple, elegant, with good freshness, alcohol and moderate tannins, silky,

Degree of alcohol: 13% vol.

Service temperature: 18°-20° C

Serving suggestions: Roasts, braised meats, game, ungulata, and by pen, milk-fed lamb, rabbit and cheese.

Notes: Among all the red grape varieties of the world is considered to be one of the more noble (the only possible comparison is probably the one with the Nebbiolo), and at the same time is the most difficult to interpret, the one that poses the winemaker and the consumer in front of the tasting-perhaps the most complex.

The origin of Pinot noir is set in the French region of Burgundy, where it is at the base of the greatest wines of the area, and among the most famous in the world.

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