Fillide Vino Liquoroso alla Mandorla

Fillide Vino Liquoroso alla Mandorla



Alcohol Content: 16% Vol

Serving Temperature: 12°C as an aperitif and at 18°C as a dessert wine

Food Pairing: for dessert is excellent with ice-creams, fruit smoothies and pastries in general

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Fillide - Wine Flavoured with Almond

Type: fortified Wine

Production Area: Western Sicily

Vinification technique: a good white wine is added an infusion in alcohol of bitter almonds according to the traditional sicilian recipe. 

Conservation: the bottle should be stored lying down in a cool and a little damp

Tasting Notes:

  • colour: amber
  • nose: heady bouquet and almonds aroma
  • palate: typical of the fruit is derivated from
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