The Thousand Marsala Superiore Dolce Doc

The Thousand Marsala Superiore Dolce Doc



Blend: Grillo ed Inzolia

Alcohol Content: 18% Vol

Serving Temperature: 14°C

Food Pairing: for dessert with almond and ricotta cheese pastry

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Marsala Superiore Dolce Doc 'The Thousand'

Type: fortified Wine of Denomination Of Controlled Origin' Marsala Superiore' V.L.Q.P.R.D.

Production Area: Province of Trapani, excluding the municipalities of Pantelleria, Favignana and Alcamo

Vinification: in white and made of 55%; fermentation in thermo-controlled (18°C). D. O. C. Marsala wine is added alcohol to stop the fermentation when the residual sugar is 100 g/l

Aging: in large oak barrels for at least 2 years, followed by a refinement period of about 6 months in Slavonian oak barrels (225 liters)

Tasting Notes:

  • color: yellow amber, bright and clear
  • bouquet: delicate and intense, of ripe fruit mixed with hints of wood noble
  • taste: sweet and harmonious; lingering in the aftertaste

Conservation: the bottle should be stored in a cool, dark and a little damp

Notes: 'The Thousand' in honor of the landing of General Giuseppe Garibaldi, which took place in the port of Marsala on 11 May 1860. It is told that in 1862 Garibaldi went back to Marsala for a pleasure trip and tasted a brand new manufactured blend rich in sugar content. The Commander appreciated so much the flavours of this "Marsala" that from then onward it was named "Garibaldi Dolce" (Sweet Garibaldi)

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