Birbet (Brachetto)

Birbet (Brachetto)



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Birbet (Brachetto)

Classification: partially fermented Must

Variety of wine: Brachetto

Production area: Castagnito, in the Roero

Exposure: North-west

Altitude (s.l.m.): 350 mt

Soil: Clay, marl, sandy.

Training system: vertical Trellis with pruning gujot.

Vineyard age (years): 25

Density of plants: 10,000 square meters / 5,000 stocks

Yield per hectare: 100 ql of grapes

Processing: Crushing and destemming, cold maceration, soft pressing, fermentation for 3 days.

Maturation: stainless steel Tanks

Degree Of Alcohol: 6 % Vol

Acidity: 5.3 ml/l

Tasting notes:

  • color: red, with time, it tends to the orange
  • bouquet: fruity, fragrant, delicate.
  • taste: sweet, delicate, aromatic and lively.

Temperature of service: 6-8 °C

Suggested pairing: Excellent as an aperitif, it accompanies the sweet, on strawberries.

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