Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva "Giudecca" ml. 500

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva "Giudecca" ml. 500


Orizzonte Natura

La varietà autoctona di olive ancora oggi prodotta e, di più antica acclimatizzazione, è la “Biancolilla”, la cui drupa è ovoidale, di media grandezza e colore verde molto chiaro, ed il cui olio è delicato e fragrante. L’olio Giudecca di qualità eccezionale ha un grado di acidità inferiore allo 0,5%, aroma medio-leggero e delicato; sapore dolce con ottima fragranza e freschezza

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The olive to Caltabellotta has ancient roots and is with the jews, who followed the normans, that the production of oil in the territory shooting great force both for the quality of the oil produced, and the particular vocazionedei land to olive growing; and they were always masters in the exercise of the trade, who settled in Caltabellotta, in the district of Giudecca, their main headquarters for the trade in Sicily.

The oil product was required by all the curias archbishop and ended up on the tables of the largest and most prestigious families in sicily. The name “Giudecca” is a tribute that the company wanted to dedicate it to those who were the fathers of this noble art, which still today is handed down the rules and the techniques for the cultivation and for the processing of extra virgin olive oil.

The indigenous variety of olives that are still being produced today and the most ancient acclimatizzazione, is the “Biancolilla”, of which the drupe is ovoid, medium-sized and very light green, and the oil is delicate and fragrant. The oil Giudecca of exceptional quality has a degree of acidity less than 0.5%, flavor, medium-light and delicate; the flavour is sweet with excellent aroma and freshness. A good ingredient and unrivalled condiment enhances the flavour of every dish.