Marche Bianco Vdt Passito Affumicato Taddeo 2003 cl. 50

Marche Bianco Vdt Passito Affumicato Taddeo 2003 cl. 50


La Montata

Uve: Antico Trebbiano

Gradazione Alcolica: 12% Vol

Temperatura di Servizio: 14°C, in calici di media ampiezza, meglio se aperto in anticipo

Abbinamenti Gastronomici: eccezionale da solo oppure con dolci al cioccolato o secchi, crostate di frutta; vino da meditazione

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Thaddeus - Raisin Smoked Vdt

Denomination: Passito smoked IGT MARCHE WHITE

Grapes: Old Trebbiano.

Vinification and refining: The grapes are hung in a single cluster for 4/5 months in places where occasionally you turn on the fireplace to smoke. Following the manual selection of the grapes and the pressing of three stages for a total of 15 hours, from which we get the three choices, the must is cooled to 5 days to settle the lees, coarse, almost clear, is sent to the fermentation. At the end of this phase is transferred to demi-barrique 115 liters scolme, where it matured for a minimum of 48 months. Then the unfiltered is prepared and placed in the bottle.

Tasting notes:

  • color: Amber load.
  • bouquet: Intense, complex, dried fig, jammy, ripe, toasty notes.
  • taste: Sweet, pleasantly smoky, balanced, persistent.

Alcohol content: 12% Vol.

Service: On medium-sized glasses at 14° best opened in advance.

Food pairing: Exceptional on its own, chocolate cakes or dried, pies, fruit.

Notes: From the selection of the individual berries dried for more than four months are taken to those rich in sugars and that have a hint more noticeable smoked to become the passito Taddeo.

Sweet wine, amber in colour, and sometimes also cargo, from extraordinary scents of dried figs, jams of ripe fruit, the wine is round and harmonious.

A meditation wine.

It takes its name from Taddeo Zuccari, well known painter of the ‘500 was born in Sant'angelo in Vado, and certainly the most illustrious Vadese known...Thaddeus is almost a peat that makes you meditate alone or in good company, perhaps in front of a fireplace, a wine unique and unforgettable.

This wine is a passion for all things genuine, fine and elegant that it slows down to the rhythms of everyday life, of great persistence in the nose and the palate, difficult to achieve and only a very little quantity of wine that before...wonder...then...makes you fall in love.

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