Il Duca Vino e Visciole Non Filtrato cl.37,5

Il Duca Vino e Visciole Non Filtrato cl.37,5


La Montata

Uve: Vernaccia Negra di Urbino, Lacrima di Morro

Visciole: sono quelle del Montefeltro raccolte surmature

Gradazione Alcolica: 10,5% Vol

Temperatura di Servizio: 14°C, in calici di media ampiezza, meglio se aperto in anticipo

Abbinamenti Gastronomici: da solo oppure con cioccolato, dolci al cioccolato o secchi, gelati

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The Duke - Wine And Cherries, Unfiltered

Name: Flavoured Wine-based and Sour.

Grapes: Vernaccia Negra of Urbino, Lacrima di Morro

Cherries: Are those of the Montefeltro area harvested over-ripe.

Vinification and refinement: it is a long process of machining, which takes 20 months based on a procedure created by the Ns. company. The Red Wine used, made of wood, for 12 months, to be added to the nectar sour obtained after 3 months of preparations and start of a long and slow fermentation at a low temperature for a further 12 months, is made on the barrels is appropriate before starting the final part, still 4 months to go in the bottle not clarified and not filtered. Throughout this period, the cherry always remains entire, and is never pressed or minced.

Tasting notes:

  • bouquet: Intense, cherry ripe, complex.
  • taste: Sweet, balanced, persistent.

Service: On medium-sized glasses at 14° best opened in advance.

Food pairings: alone, with chocolate, chocolate cakes or dried, ice cream.

Notes: This drink is very widespread in the Marche Region, but THE DUKE is the result of a great selection of the best cherries of the Montefeltro and using the wine obtained from our vineyards, all prepared in a unique recipe, at a low temperature to enhance the flavors and delight the palate.

Vìsciola – The fruit of the visciolo, quality cherry, with dark red juice, the red of blood and the flavour is distinctly acid.

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