Giuan - Passito Muffato Marche Bianco Igt

Giuan - Passito Muffato Marche Bianco Igt


La Montata

Uve: Antico Trebbiano

Gradazione Alcolica: 12% Vol

Temperatura di Servizio: 14°C in calici di media ampiezza

Abbinamenti Gastronomici: eccezionale da solo oppure con dolci secchi, crostate di frutta, formaggi

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Giuan - Passito Muffato Marche Bianco Igt

Denomination: Passito Muffato IGT MARCHE WHITE

Grapes: Old Trebbiano.

Vinification and refining: The grapes hung a single cluster undergoes evolutions for 4/5 months in places where occasionally you turn on the fireplace to smoke. Some of these, or individual berries of the bunches of grapes are, in some years, and in particular conditions it is attacked by Grey Mould which in the manual selection of the grapes are separated and vinified separately with a yield of a maximum of 10% of fresh grapes. It yields a nectar that is only working half-barrels from 110 liters to 60 months before coming to his climax. Then it is not filtered, it is put in the bottle.

Tasting notes:

  • color: Amber load.
  • bouquet: Intense, complex, yellow fruits, jam and ripe, with notes of spices.
  • taste: Sweet, pleasantly balanced, persistent.

Alcohol content: 12% Vol.

Service: On medium-sized glasses at 14°.

Serving suggestions: Exceptional by itself, dry sweets, fruit tarts, cheese.

Notes: During the drying of the grapes in the house, some berries of the bunch, they are attacked by a gray mould that causes the drying, almost the total of the grape and gives the wine smells and tastes really special and very much appreciated. The selection of the grapes is very careful to avoid damaging mold and eliminate them. It is not an easy wine to get, but the olfactory sensations, his being soft and velvety on the palate, great balance, its distinctive taste make it a great wine for meditation.

GIUAN...John...I wanted to remember my father, with the name of a wine because it was from him I learned the taste of small things done with fact, this food is incredible because it is made with the grapes that were once discarded, and that when you go to press I surprised by their yield, 7-8 litres per hundred pounds of fresh grapes.

A gem of a wine that passion has transformed into a product of great personality that reflects the will of the cellar to amaze those who taste its nectar sweet.

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