Aguisc Vino e Visciole cl. 50

Aguisc Vino e Visciole cl. 50


La Montata

Uve: Vernaccia Negra di Urbino, Lacrima di Morro

Visciole: sono quelle del Montefeltro raccolte surmature

Temperatura di Servizio: 14°C max in calici di media ampiezza

Abbinamenti Gastronomici: da solo oppure con dolci al cioccolato o secchi, gelati, crostate, ciambellone

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Aguisc - Wine And Sour Cherries

Name: Flavoured Wine-based and Sour.

Grapes: Vernaccia Negra of Urbino, Lacrima di Morro.

Cherries: Are those of the Montefeltro area harvested over-ripe.

Vinification and refinement: it is a process of machining that lasts 6 months based on a procedure created by the Ns. company. The Red Wine used, made of wood for 12 months in small part and product of the harvest to fermentation to the rest. The cherries are never pressed or minced, but they do a double pass on the wine to keep the flavors fresh and get two products, one sweet and one dry, that are assembled at the time of the bottle is not clarified and not filtered , a small part is used the nectar of cherries to complete the harmony.

Tasting notes:

  • colour: deep Ruby Red.
  • bouquet: Intense, cherry, fresh.
  • flavor: Sweet, pleasant, but well-balanced.

Service: On medium-sized glasses at 14° max.

Serving suggestions: By itself, chocolate cakes or dried, ice cream, tarts, chiffon cake.

Notes: The Duke Federico da Montefeltro in the FIFTEENTH century, “ did not drink the wine of cherries ... “, and from this ancient tradition comes a drink made of wine and sour cherries. Perhaps few people know that the cherry stems from two species: sweet ( Prunus avium ), and sour ( Prunus cerasus ); from this last species is the black cherry, the marasca cherry and the visciolo. The cherry visciolo and widespread in the territory of the Montefeltro, from its agricultural history, produces, together with the red wine, a beverage of great intensity and pleasantness which is called the “ Wine Sour “.

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