Moscato Oltrepo Pavese Doc

Moscato Oltrepo Pavese Doc


Ca' Del Ge'

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Moscato Oltrepo Pavese Doc

Classification: Oltrepo Pavese D. O. C. Moscato Sweet

Type: sweet white wine sparkling

Grape Varieties: 100 % Moscato

Vinification: the grapes, after careful selection, undergo, immediately after the manual harvest, soft pressing. The must obtained is left to rest and left to ferment at a controlled temperature in steel barrels, which will be the natural re-fermentation.

Tasting notes:

  • color: intense straw yellow tending to golden.
  • aroma: aromatic, characteristic, very marked, and penetrating with light hints of sage and peach.
  • taste: the palate is sweet, pleasant, slightly brisk, are reconfirmed the olfactory perceptions.

Alcohol: 6% vol

Serving suggestions: serve with all types of sweets and desserts, especially with pastries and tarts. Excellent between meals for snacks.

Temperature of service: 8/10° C.

Uncork the bottle at the moment.

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