Bonarda O. P. Doc (Semi-Sparkling)

Bonarda O.P. Doc (Frizzante)


Ca' Del Ge'

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Bonarda O. P. Doc (Semi-Sparkling)

Classification: Oltrepo Pavese D. O. C.

Type: red wine lively

Grape varieties: 95% Croatina 5% Barbera and uva rara

Vinification: the grapes are harvested manually, this allows you to make a careful selection. After the pressing of the grapes, the must, in contact with the skins, undergoes alcoholic fermentation that lasts for approximately one week during which they performed more replacements. At the end of the fermentation we proceed with racking. The wine thus obtained, after decanting, is left to age in stainless steel tanks where malolactic fermentation completed the wine is bottled.

Tasting notes:

  • colour: deep ruby red with purple reflections.
  • bouquet: fine, intense, clean aroma with clear cadences fruity cherry and raspberry.
  • taste: The palate is sweet, fruity, full of a good persistence, slightly moved.

Alcohol content: 13.5% vol

Combinations: it accompanies cured meats fine, pasta dishes, meat ( good ravioli), excellent with braised meats, roasts and red meats in general.

Temperature of service: 18 /20 ° C.

Uncork the bottle at the moment.

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