Grappa Di Sagrantino Cl.50 Gr°40

Grappa Di Sagrantino Cl.50 Gr°40



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Single grape variety Grappa obtained from the distillation of the pomace of grapes


Distillation with the use of a copper alembic in a bain-marie;

discontinuous cycle.

With the heating system “double boiler” the boiler is

immersed in hot water or steam. In so doing, the

heating of grape pomace takes place in a gradual manner, and

uniform, ensuring a higher quality product.

Organoleptic characteristics: View:colorless, crystalline

Smell:strong fragrances of underbrush, floral and orchard.

A typical memory of strawberries and grapes

Taste: round and delicately aromatic

Retroolfatto: persistence fruity and of considerable length

Service temperature: 9-13°C