Acquavite Vigne Di Catullo cl.50

Acquavite Vigne Di Catullo cl.50


Tenuta Roveglia

Marcs: 100% Trebbiano di Lugana

Alcohol Content: 50% Vol

Serving Temperature: 12-14°C

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Acquavite "Vigne di Catullo"  cl. 50  

Production Area: South of Lake Garda, in the land of Lugana

Type of Soil: flat with highly calcareous clay, rich in mineral salts

Average Age of the Vines: more than 55 years

Process: once grapes are crushed for the production of the wine Lugana Vigne di Catullo, the skins obtained are kept in tightly sealed containers free from oxygen (in this way, the quality of the grape pomace is completely preserved)

Distillation: after some months of storage, the pomace is made to boil in a boiler, copper bain-marie and steam; in this boiler there are two different kettles plus the "cassaflemma" (a container for the collection of the heads and tails of distillation); this is an ancient and traditional distillation system that allows to obtain a Grappa with all the aromatic characteristics of the grape pomace that is used for; this procedure eliminates the head and the tail, and only the heart of the distillate is used

Ageing: after fermentation, the grappa obtained is aged in steel barrels for at least a year

Bottling: in a single solution and put on the market after 2-3 months of rest in bottle

Tasting Notes:

  • nose: scents of sage with hints of elderberry and light notes of tomato leaf and medlar
  • taste: very pleasant and sophisticated; it does not attack the mouth but it conquer it  with its warmth and delicacy
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