Noglâr - Doc Friuli-Annia

Noglâr - Doc Friuli-Annia


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Noglâr - Doc Friuli-Annia

Type of wine: Red.

Grape Variety: 100% Merlot.

Appellation: DOC Friuli Annia.

Alcohol content: 13,5%.

Area of production: Carlino (UD) vineyard Forest Call.

Extension of the vineyard: 0,7 hectare.

System: Guyot. Re-engagement of a Mass Selection of 1967.

Density of planting: 4,500 vines per hectare.

Yield per hectare: 60 hectare and the thinning-out phase of veraison.

Soil: Clay rich in mineral salts.

Climate: well-Ventilated area with strong thermal excursions of the night, and moderate rainfall.

Harvest: Manual to achieve the right ripeness of the grapes.

Vinification: The grapes before the pressing is not the grape comes squeezed. Use of modern vinification in stainless steel. It has a long maceration of 21 days combined with punching down and delestage. The fermentation takes place with selected yeasts for 12 days, then proceed to pressing, decantation and fermentation followed by malolactic fermentation.

Maturation: Stay on the yeasts for 10 months in barrels from 5 hl. of second passage, with malolactic fermentation.

Bottling: In 2008 were bottled 2.567 bottles without sterile filtration to allow the wine to “live” and evolve in a natural way.

Aging: Minimum 1 year in the bottle.

Color: Ruby alive.

Smell: the Aroma is intense and complex: strawberry jam combined with floral hints. Evolution cherry, raspberry and blackberry tones and spicy pepper.

Palate: Warm and structured body and balanced. Pleasant sensations of red fruit. the right level of tannins.

Food pairings: red Meats, pasta dishes, I decided, roast pork, mature cheeses.

Temperature of service: 16-18°C

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