Schioppettino Cof Doc

Schioppettino Cof Doc



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Schioppettino Cof Doc

Classification: Friuli Colli Orientali DOC

Harvest time: mid-October.

Maceration: 15 - 20 days at a temperature of 25° C in steel barrels. Subsequently, while maintaining the same temperature, it is favoured the start of the malolactic fermentation that finishes in wood.

Elevation: in wooden oak barrels type Allier.

Bottling: July. Once bottled the wine rests for at least 3 months before being marketed.

Alcohol (% vol.): 12,4

Sugars (g/l): 2,3 (Dry)

Total acidity (g/l): 5,3

Tasting notes:the wine Schioppettino from a young man is nervous and lively, the color is dark red with tones of violet makes it smooth tasting in the scents leaves you to imagine the berries. it is pleasantly fresh and lemony, with a balanced body. The high acidity, characteristic of this wine, is that the bright shades remain present after a short aging. The perfumes become an elegant bouquet of underbrush.

Pairings: at the beginning of the meal is combined with salami, pancetta coppata and lard. Excellent with traditional soups and pastries. Delicious with potato dumplings topped with roe. Pleasant with rabbit or chicken in the oven. You can appreciate it gladly also with medium-aged cheeses.

Mesc: 17 - 18 ° c in glasses for young red wines.

The capacity for evolution in bottle: 5 years.

Notes: Schioppettino: on the origin of this cute name you make several assumptions. It seems you call it so, for the characteristic feeling that you have eating the grape, the peel, very thin, and is aimed at maturing, 'crackles' in your mouth.

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