Friuli Colli Orientali Doc Sauvignon 2020

Friuli Colli Orientali Doc Sauvignon 2020



Gradazione Alcolica: 12,7% Vol

Temperatura di Servizio: 10°C, in calici da bianchi importanti

Abbinamenti Gastronomici: antipasti al prosciutto, pesce nobile come aragosta, astice, scampi, salmone e pesci salsati; ottimo con creme e minestre delicate, brodi, risotti di pesce e sformati di verdure; piatti a base di uova; ottimo come aperitivo

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Friuli Colli Orientali Doc Sauvignon

Classification: Friuli Colli Orientali D. O. C.

Harvest time: beginning of September.

Maceration: part of the grapes are criomacerate (the de-stemmed grapes are placed in a bathtub and taken to a temperature of 5° C) for twelve hours.

Vinification: the remaining part is vinified in white (must is immediately separated from the grape stalk from the skins by soft pressing).

Fermentation: in steel tanks temperature-controlled.

Elevation: in stainless steel vats.

Bottling: in the month of April.

Alcohol (% vol.): 12,7

Sugars (g/l): 2,5 (Dry)

Total acidity (g/l): 5,1

Tasting notes: sauvignon blanc has a brilliant straw-yellow colour with reflections of greenish-yellow. The most beautiful feelings are given by the bouquet:intense and delicate, slightly aromatic, reminiscent of ripe fruit, green pepper, banana and sage, exotic fruits and melon. On the palate, it reveals decided, a vibrant, thanks to the good flavor and aroma, a good body is balanced in the sensations nasobocca.

Pairings: is wine as an aperitif, with appetizers of ham, noble fish such as lobster, lobster, scampi, salmon and fish sauced, very good with creams and delicate soups, broths, rice dishes, fish and baked vegetables, and egg dishes.

Mesc: 10 degrees in the glasses for white important.

The capacity for evolution in bottle: 4 years.

Wines TypeBianco