Vino Spumante Brut Ribolla Gialla Metodo Charmat

Vino Spumante Brut Ribolla Gialla Metodo Charmat



Vitigno: Ribolla Gialla

Gradazione Alcolica: 11,6% Vol

Temperatura di Servizio: 8-10°C, in calici da bianchi importanti

Abbinamenti Gastronomici: come aperitivo singolo o accompagnato a delicatezze; piatti di crostacei, pesce bianco, azzurro anche grigliato; primi leggeri e carni bianche delicate

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Ribolla Gialla Brut Charmat Method

Classification: Brut Sparkling Wine

Harvest time: end of August, to the achievement of the right balance of sugars and acidity.

Vinification: in white, the grapes are immediately pressed (avoiding the stripping - risk operation, quality ) and placed in barrels of steel at controlled temperature for the first start of the alcoholic fermentation.

Presa di spuma: Charmat method; the wine is placed in special containers in stainless steel (autoclaves) in which starts the second fermentation (or secondary fermentation) which lasts for at least 3 months and a half, allowing for the creation of an elegant and fine perlage.

Alcohol (% vol.): 11,6

Sugars (g/l): 12 (Brut)

Total acidity (g/l): 7,5

Overpressure (bar): 6,05

Tasting Note: The Sparkling wine Ribolla Gialla Brut: was born from the eponymous native grape variety, and is a wine which presents itself with a strong natural acidity and aromas delicately fresh. Its liveliness is pleasantly balanced and softened with the elevation in the bottle. It has a straw yellow colour, with a fine and persistent perlage. The nose presents with hints of fruity with fragrances of yeast. On the palate it is dry, delicate, fresh and great persistence.

Pairings: as an aperitif, single or accompanied by delicacies; offers the best dishes of shellfish, fish, white, light blue, also grilled. Eye-catching with lots of first light and delicate white meats.

Glass: 8 - 10 degrees in the glasses for white important.

The capacity for evolution in bottle: 2 years.

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