Bas Armagnac 20 ans cl. 70

Bas Armagnac 20 ans cl. 70


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Classification: Appellation specific floc de Gascogne Contrôlée

Area of Production: Mauvezin d Armagnac

Grapes: Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Sauvignon

The characteristics of the soil: the Soil is clayey and sandy

Vinification: traditional Vinification of the grape variety Ugni Blanc, then follows

the assembly of 2/3 white wine and 1/3 of Armagnac and white.

Tasting notes: The Colombard brings a finesse, fruity aromas,

citrus fruits, Ugni Blanc with a freshness of acidity, and aromas of dried fruit,

Sauvignon, the smoothness, the elegance, the softness.

Alcohol: 16,5% Vol.

Serving temperature: 6° - 8° C.

Food pairings: Aperitif in the traditional Gascogne, accompanies

elegantly foie gras, melon, and fruit desserts.

Notes: born from a recipe of gascon in the SIXTEENTH century, the tassel (flower

the occitan language) is the result of a marriage subtle between the charm of a fresh wine

and the force of an armagnac white.