Aglianico Colli di Salerno IGT 2009 "Borgomastro"

Aglianico Colli di Salerno IGT 2009 "Borgomastro"



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Doc Colli di Salerno IGT 2009 "Burgomaster"

Grapes: Aglianico 100%

Breeding: spurred cordon

Yield: 60 q.them

Average age of vines: 30 years

Altitude: 230 m

Exposure: east/west

Characteristics soil: clayey limestone

Harvest: End of October

Vinification: fermentation and maceration in steel

Refinement: wood / 26 months - bottle / 16 months

Stabilization: no.

Tasting notes: its colours in my producing dark, but stylish, bring it to the par of the great vineyards of the world, the nose is rich and complex the finds decidedly varietal, definitely aglianico, marked by notes ranging
from lavender to raspberry, from la spezia, the mediterranean to the fruits of the forest. The palate is an ever new discovery, depth, drink, and integrates juiciness, flavors of ripe fruit, black cherry, pepper, licorice and cocoa run through the sip, indicating a personality wine special, which closes elegant and soft but with an obvious character of our beloved hills, sometimes a bit grumpy.

Temperature service: 16 - 18 °C

Alcohol: 13,5 %

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