Pinot Noir Tradition 2017

Pinot Noir Tradition 2017



Grape Variety: Pinot Nero

Alcohol Content: 13% Vol

Serving Temperature: 10-12°C

Food Pairing: grilled meat and elaborate salads; perfect with calf tajine and with a great deal of cheeses (Munster, Roquefort, Bleu d'Auvergne)

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Pinot Noir Tradition 2017

Vinification: this Pinot noir comes from a one year aging in oak barrels some of which are renewed every year of every 2 years depending on the vintage

Tasting Notes: 

  • colour: brilliant cherry red
  • nose: fresh red fruits like raspberry and black cherry
  • taste: tannic with sensation of freshness

Drinkability: 7-8 years (and more)

History Notes: even though Alsace is known for its white wines, many documents relating to inventories of Abbey cellars of wine collected by the Church in the middle Ages, bear a considerable amount of red wine: among 40 varieties used at that time, Pinot noir has a prominent place. Curiously, the decline of this production begins at the end of the sixteenth century, and only a few cities in the Alsace region have maintained the tradition of the production (Ottrott, San Leonardo, Boersch, Saint Hippolyte, Rodern, Marlenheim ...)
Then, what many today consider as a novelty is in fact a legacy of the past that is becoming more and more popular; in constant development since the 1950s, the Pinot noir is currently 9% of the screws of the alsatian vineyard (there was only 2% in 1969)

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